Chef Hip E's Cocina Loco

Verona Vineyards is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Chef Hip E's Cocina Loco!  

We are here to bring love through our food. Chef Hip E’s Cocina Loca (crazy kitchen) is our newest adventure. This restaurant has been “baking” for decades and it’s finally ready to  opened up to the public. We have dreamed of this day and this opportunity for so long and are completely honored to be here. We finally get to see the fruits of our own labor. Our cuisine is called Chicano Q. We made up this term because we are born and raised in Colorado where there is a humongous Mexican American population and chef is a Mexican American. Then with our travels we’ve added in Cajun flavors and barbecue and that all adds up to Mexican American Cajun barbecue. Our food is put together in layers. Every layer has a purpose. Whether that purpose be for taste and or texture. Some of these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and we are absolutely humbled to be able to continue these traditions. Chef has been a chef for his whole life. His love for the kitchen and the food and the whole operation comes out in the dishes. He was born and raised in a restaurant in Littleton Colorado. His grandmother Helen Estrada, was the first Hispanic woman in Littleton, CO to own a business. Chef has had a passion for being in the kitchen since he was a young boy. He was brought up cooking with grandma Helen and Auntie Annie Martinez and Auntie Albine Maestas. The recipes from these women are not recorded they are in chefs heart and soul. We are totally humbled and honored to be able to present this to you and serve you and pay homage to our tribe and we look forward to meeting each and every person that comes through our window. Thank you. 

If you would like to make reservations for dinner on Friday or Saturday night,

please contact us via e-mail at or give us a call at 859-485-3544.