Where Kentucky Wines and History Meet

At Verona Vineyards, we have worked hard to create a place where people can slow down, unwind, and enjoy the farm, tasting room, and surrounding scenery. The property is home to the George-Vest house, built in 1842 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The barn has been converted into a great wine tasting room and the old dairy barn has been converted into the wine making facility.   

Verona Vineyards

Started in the spring of 2005, our vision goes beyond the boundaries of conventional winemaking and culminate a fusion of flavors spanning our estate wines, local craft beers, premium Kentucky bourbon, and country cuisine. Through this journey, we aim to etch our family-led business as a local hallmark associated with quality, authenticity, and exceptional hospitality.

We forsee our family-owned estate as an essential destination for those who value the richness of tradition with the pleasure of experiencing Kentucky rich food and beverages.

Our goal is to weave together tradition with exquisite taste and hospitality. By bolstering the bonds of our commuity and crafting extraordinary experieinces, we aspire to create a legacy that echoes the essence of our family values for our state and community.

We strive to make each visit a great experience and are excited to bring you our award winning wines from our estate vineyard.

Thank you for visiting,

Peg, Dan, Charlie and Rose

Our Winery