Where Kentucky Wines and History Meet

We at Verona Vineyards have worked hard to create a place where people can slow down, unwind, and enjoy the farm, tasting room, and surrounding scenery. The property is home to the George-Vest house, built in 1842 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The barn has been converted into a great wine facility and tasting room so our guests can see firsthand how we make our wines. 

Verona Vineyards

We have been family owned and operated since we established the vineyard in 2004. Charlie Payne cares for the daily farm activities and odd jobs around the estate. He purchased the property years ago when it was in disrepair, but thankfully Charlie has decades of experience in large project management, construction, and old home restoration to make the needed repairs. His daughter, Peggy Payne Montgomery, and her husband, Dan Montgomery, bought the George-Vest house in 2003 to use as a vacation home in summer. Together they established the vineyard, in addition to tending to the complex restoration of the home. Both Peg and Dan have successful careers, while Charlie manages the vineyard and winery as an exciting side venture. 

Our Growing Family

As Verona Vineyards continues to grow so does our Verona Vineyards Family.  On any given weekend in addition to owners Charlie, Dan, and Peg you may be welcomed by Austin, Dee, Larry, Sarah, Rianna, Liz, Candace, Katie,  Emily W, Emily S, Cari, or Laurie as they conduct tastings and serve wine at our Verona location. 

Our Winery