Father's Day Luncheon, June 17th 12:00-2:30.  Reservations Required.  To make reservations e-mail info@veronavineyards.comPhone Icon(859) 739-3144


Calendar of Music and Events

We would love to have you join us at Verona Vineyards for any of our special events.  There is never a cover charge for any of our concerts.

If you would like to make reservations for a party of eight or more for dinner on Friday or Saturday night, please contact us via e-mail at info@veronavineyards.com or give us a call at 859-485-3544. We ask that your party arrive by 5:30 and reservations are limited depending on the size of the groups.

Reservations are not necessary at other times except for special events, holiday dinners, and StudioRho classes.

If you would like to make reservations for any of our StudioRho events, please contact Rhonda at Studio Rho Entertaining at 859-444-0301 or click on the link through the Facebook Event.

For more information on our events and for reservations, please check out our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/VeronaVineyards/

Nothing pairs better with great wine than good friends.

Upcoming Events 

6/13/2018   Pitcher Perfect Paint and Pour with StudioRho   6:00-8:00
6/14/2018   Trivia Night   6:30-8:00
6/15/2018   Live Music with Taylor Henry   6:00-9:00
6/15/2018   Cigar and Wine Pairing   6:30-9:00
6/16/2018   Live Music with Keith Rodgers   6:00-9:00
6/17/2018   Father's Day Luncheon - Reservations Required   12:00-2:30
6/20/2018   Sunset Yoga in the Vines   7:00-9:00
6/21/2018   Euchre Night   6:30-8:30
6/22/2018   Brew Crew Comedy Tour   7:30-9:30
6//23/18   Boone County Farm Tour   10:00-3:00
6/23/2018   Live Music with Floyd and Don   6:00-9:00
6/24/2018   Color Street Nails Day   1:00-4:00
6/24/2018   Live Music by Jessica Graff   1:00-4:00
6/27/2018  Tiki Torch Paint and Pour with StudioRho   6:00-8:00
6/28/2018   Thursday Night Flights   5:00-9:00
6/29/2018   Live Music with Mike Hicks   6:00-9:00
6/30/2018   Live Music with Jerome Calia   6:00-9:00

7/1/2018   Live Music with The Marty Connor Band   1:00-4:00

7/6/18  Euchre Night  6:30-8:30

7/6/2018   Live Music with Anna Applegate   6:00-9:00

7/7/2018   Live Music with Taylor Henry   6:00-9:00

7/8/2018   Live Music with Elizabeth Weyer   6:00-9:00

7/11/2018  Wood Pallet Paint and Pour   6:00-8:00

7/12/18  Trivia Night  6:30-8:30

7/13/2018   Live Music with Hot Lips and Fingertips  6:00-9:00

7/13/2018  Chocolate and Wine Pairing  6:00-9:00

7/14/2018  Live Music with Johnny Delagrange  6:00-9:00

7/15/2018  Sunday Yoga with Stacey  3:00-4:00

7/18/2018  Sunset Yoga in the Vines  7:00-8:00

7/19/2018  Euchre Night  6:30-8:30

7/20/2018   Live Music with Marty Connor   6:00-9:00

7/21/2018   Live Music with KY Myle   6:00-9:00

7/22/2018   Live Music with MJ Stallings   1:00-4:00

7/25/2018   Barrel Head Painting with StudioRho   6:00-8:00

7/26/2018   Thursday Night Flights   6:00-9:00

7/27/2018   Cigar and Wine Pairing   6:00-9:00

7/27/2018   Live Music with Mike Hicks   6:00-9:00

7/28/2018   Live Music with Danny Frazier   6:00-9:00